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Yellow Labrador Puppies- Oklahoma

Yellow Lab Puppies 

The yellow lab may best be known for its ability to help be a guide dog for the blind. It is also one of the world’s most favorite pets. The yellow dog is also known for its companionship and  loved by so many families.

The yellow labs ancestors were taken to Newfoundland in the 18th century by people from England who settled there. These dogs were hunting and fishing companions that divided into two different breeds- the large Newfoundland dog and the St. John’s dog, or ancestor of our labs. Later, the St. John’s dogs were brought back to England where they were bred to create the breed we have today.

While looking at different yellow labs, you have probably noticed a wide variety of shades. These shades can range from black, chocolate, silver, charcoal, a champagne, buttermilk yellow to gold, and even the beautiful fox red labradors.

There are so many ways that the yellow lab will make the perfect companion. Check out our pictures and information or feel free to message me by email, text or call by phone, or facebook.

If you are interested in any of these puppies please contact me for additional information and availability.

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Steve Lawrence
19:14 13 Oct 19
We have had our lab for 7 years. I had him shipped to the South Portland Jet Port which went very smoothly. We now live in Canada. He is a great dog. He is a very patience and laid back. He is so good with our toddler. I would definitely recommend Sooner Labs if you are looking for a great family more
114307615494839964028 Lab Puppies for Sale
Mary Beth Riley
17:02 05 Jul 19
We love our new puppy, Birdie Girl! Destry was so helpful and knowledgeable when it came to deciding on her for our family. We wanted an English Lab for the calm temperament and bulky look, and so far she has not disappointed at all. She is the sweetest girl! She was healthy and well taken care of when we got her. We highly recommend Sooner Labs as your English Lab Breeder!read more
114307615494839964028 Lab Puppies for Sale
Lynnette Blackburn
02:21 25 Jun 19
We picked up our beautiful new yellow lab Yogi just a little over a week ago and we couldn't be happier. He is everything we expected from the breed. He has such a great spunky personality and is quite clever! We are just so in love with him. We loved the wonderful assistance we received from Sooner Labs and will recommend them to anyone looking for a beautiful lab. Thanks so much to you Sooner more
114307615494839964028 Lab Puppies for Sale
Lorraine Schultz
20:34 11 Jun 19
“Augustus”, now Niko Augustus, joined our family a few weeks ago. He is healthy, happy and socially adjusted quickly to have two “teen” siblings greet him (one with momma instincts and one less thrilled brother). He was a surprise for my adult disabled son who was shocked to see a live puppy instead of getting canned goods from a friend who was also traveling to visit at the same time. Niko is growing like a weed and has quite the appetite. This week he decided the water dish is his pool so we got him a life vest and are in the process of teaching him water safety in the pool. Sooner Labs are top notch and the breeder is responsible, honest and cares where his fur babies will end up. I highly more
114307615494839964028 Lab Puppies for Sale
Ward Home
22:28 15 May 19
We love our new lab, and we are grateful for the whole experience! We first made contact with Destry, through a private message on social media. He called us back right away, and explained breeding processes, including medical tests. He also explained how adoption worked. We went out to visit a few days later, and picked a puppy. Several days before taking her home, we went out to see her again. Family was very accommodating both times, and was available to answer any questions. Highly recommend!read more
114307615494839964028 Lab Puppies for Sale
David Sosland
05:21 14 May 19
Sooner Labs was recommended to us by a local breeder. From the first phone call, they did an excellent job communicating about the upcoming litter. Once the puppies were born, they sent picture updates regularly and answered questions promptly. Even though they are a six hour drive from our home they met us halfway and made coordinating the pickup date easy. Our puppy is extraordinarily cute, affectionate and our kids fell in love with her immediately. The owners are very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process making the entire experience very positive. We would highly recommend this breeder!read more
114307615494839964028 Lab Puppies for Sale
Dan V
19:22 11 May 19
We are absolutely thrilled with our new puppy! She handled the 3 hour plus drive home like a pro! She's beautiful, and with such a wonderful personality. She's getting along wonderfully with our 3 cats already, as well. Would highly recommend Sooner Labs to anyone looking for a reputable breeder. Great people, warm, inviting, and more
114307615494839964028 Lab Puppies for Sale
Jamie C
20:51 05 May 19
I was looking for an English lab breeder in Oklahoma while I was stationed here. Fortunately I stumbled across sooner labs online. The adoption process was simple and easy. The owner seems like a great guy. I like that they post updated pictures of the pups every few weeks on the website. It has been a few months since we brought Pearl home and we are loving every minute of it. She's such a sweet girl with an amazing more
114307615494839964028 Lab Puppies for Sale
Billy Wheeler
02:57 16 Apr 19
Great breeder! We could not be happier with the newest member of our family. Our new puppy fit in immediately with our kids, cats and other black lab. Great service and great puppy! Thank you Sooner more
114307615494839964028 Lab Puppies for Sale
Leia Smethurst
14:50 09 Apr 19
My friendship with Sooner Labs has been amazing through the years. We purchased our chocolate lab Angus 3 years ago after hearing about the breeder through a friend. Communication has always been excellent, whenever we have a question (even 3 years after) Destry is always quick to answer. I've never had a worry or concern. Angus has always been healthy; the puppies are well socialized, clean, and well loved before finding their forever homes. We are extremely happy we got our lab from Sooner Labs; we knew what we were getting, he educated us on the testing, bloodlines, and health of the puppies. He made sure we knew exactly what we were getting before we made any decisions. Would definitely recommend!read more
114307615494839964028 Lab Puppies for Sale
Lorri Cortez
19:48 01 Apr 19
Destry was so easy to work with! He responded to messages very quickly, was very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. We absolutely LOVE our new puppy! He's a great looking dog and seems to be very smart and easy to train. We're still working on the training, obviously, but we are very impressed with Sooner Labs and will be getting our next Lab from them!!!!read more
114307615494839964028 Lab Puppies for Sale
Amy Bowen
00:27 19 Mar 19
Purchasing a dog is so stressful because it's such a huge commitment, but Sooner Labs made it very easy. I had no problems, and all my questions were answered. I knew I was getting a quality puppy because of all the testing they do. Highly recommend if you're interested in adding a sweet lab to your more
114307615494839964028 Lab Puppies for Sale
colby carpenter
21:52 12 Mar 19
I have worked closely with Sooner Labs as their local veterinarian for the past 13 years. I have continually been impressed with the quality and temperament of their dogs and the conscientiousness of the breeders. They have always been outstanding clients to work with and we have a great veterinarian-client-patient relationship. When my wife and I were looking for a family dog to get our children, Sooner Labs was my first choice. We picked out a black Labrador that we named Murphy. He’s now a big, beautiful 3 year old dog that has made the perfect addition to our family. I can’t recommend Sooner Labs enough!read more
114307615494839964028 Lab Puppies for Sale
Tony Jordan
20:07 11 Mar 19
114307615494839964028 Lab Puppies for Sale
Jarad Maxwell
21:52 03 Mar 19
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