Training videos!

Tips for training your new labrador puppy!

Labradors have been the number 1 most popular dog in America for over 25 years. Their adorable bellies, always smiling faces, and tail wagging make all who come in contact with them extremely happy. However, even though they are great and trainable the can be a high-energy breed, that may be slightly different for ours because we come from English lines that are slightly more laid back. They don’t generally cause much of a problem while being trained and it is nearly easier to train a labrador puppy than any other breed.  Labrador dog training should always be fun and usually not cost you much time and patience. We must gain a better understanding of our new puppy.   That is when we can completely train our pup. I’m going to share the main three important labrador training ideas which will help you train your new puppy.  Anything we don’t cover please see the vidoes below.

  1. You are in charge, be firm.

In general, yelling at any labrador isn’t effective. Labs are an excitable breed by nature therefore it’s much better to use a strong voice when instructing your dog but there is no reason to shout or lose control. Lab puppies are very sensitive and will be able to sense your frustration and may react to you. But it never fails when you are strong and assertive, the commands will communicate to the puppy what you would like him to do.

  1.  Train the people.

Most of us don’t live alone, our family also needs to be trained. Make sure to explain to your family and any visitors about what your dog is and is not permitted to do. For example, if you do not want anyone to feed your pup from the dinner table, then you need to tell them about that particular rule.  This is just one example of many where the people need to know how to interact with your dog until they are fully trianed.

  1.  Consider Professional Puppy Classes. 

PetSmart and other places, are very knowledgeable about dogs and can help you learn basic handling skills. You may need to start with a few private lessons to learn the basics before you and your Lab join a group lesson. Though it is an added expense, having professional assistance is beneficial in the long run because it will help you and your energetic dog communicate effectively.    At the end of the day part of professional training is really training you in consistency.

I hope this helped and if we left specific things out please chec out our videos below.

bubbles-best-black-lab-puppies-oklahoma-300x225 Training

Labrador Training

No Bite Training

Potty Training

Leash Training