Purchasing Your Lab Puppy – Oklahoma

The Purchasing Process

Thank you for your interest in our puppies.

Our puppies are quality English Labrador puppies with often many Champions in their pedigrees!  They come from show dogs from around the world. We have imported some of our males and many of our females from quality show kennels. This enables us to understand and maintain the QUALITY of the highest levels of the Labradors in the World.

Most of our puppies are sold with limited registration unless otherwise agreed upon before the sale, and are AKC only registered. If you are interested in full registration, contact us for more information. Please be prepared to care for a puppy to your best ability with high quality food and supplements, and provide the best environment possible for your puppy to thrive and live a long and healthy life.

Reservations: Because our pups are in great demand, most have deposits on them and are sold before they are born or soon after. It is wise to reserve early after reviewing all of our kennel information and data on each particular litter. The “non refundable” deposit is $250.00 for either sex when the puppies are born, when your reservation is placed and the balance (of course) is not due until the pup is picked up at 7 weeks old. Please call ahead or email us for pricing on the particular litter you are interested in.

The deposit is fully transferable to the next available litter of your choice. Please enjoy the web site which was created to assist you with this all too important decision of adding a new family member. You will find information on how to go about choosing a breeder that is right for you as well as information on how to go about selecting a puppy, what we have planned over the upcoming months, what mommies are expecting soon, and many, many fun and exciting pictures.

*NOTE We will allow puppy buyers to visit the litter prior to the pick-up time starting at 5 weeks of age. There will be certain requirements that will have to be met before seeing the puppies.

OUR GUARANTEE: We do guarantee all of our puppies to pass all appropriate Health Clearances or we will replace that puppy with another puppy of the same quality. We do not refund any money only the replacement of the puppy. We will always take one of our pups back, but we understand attachment and we would want you to be totally and completely satisfied with your Lifelong Companion.

  • We either email or do screen and have an initial phone conversation with all future owners with applicants before accepting a new owner on a reservation list.

  • Each litter has a reservation list and the order of selection is based on order of deposit received. This is the only proper way we have found to be fair. It is important to get on THE LIST EARLY!

  • After your initial interview if you have any questions you are more than welcome to call or text freely at any time. We do stay extremely busy!

  • Once we approve a family/new owner and you have been approved for one of OUR SOONER LABS PUPS we keep in constant contact with them during the breeding/whelping/development of the puppies.

  • A typical Female pregnancy period (gestation) is 63 days give/take 48 hours.

A Typical Contact Schedule for New Owners Will Be:

  1. We do inform all on the list the Day of breeding (the clock starts).
  2. We do send Photos as often as we are able along the weaning process.
  3. 5 weeks is the time of PUPPY SELECTIONS (in order of deposit received).
  4. 7-8 weeks is when the PUPPIES GO HOME!
  5. Puppy must be paid in FULL prior to being released.
  6. We DO NOT accept personal checks for final payment.
  7. We will ship puppies for an additional $400.00 or you are welcome to fly to come get your puppy if the distance you are traveling is by airline.
  8. Also, we only allow a 1-2 hour pickup time due to our schedule and other pickups that are typically scheduled in advance when the litter is ready to go home. We are always available in the future to help and consult in anyway possible at all with your new forever companion.

If you are interested in an English black lab puppy please Contact Us today before they are all gone.

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